Canadians love shopping for their pets – Dog nail set is very popular

November 7th, 2015

Pets gradually become an integral part of modern life one. With more and more people who love their pets, pet supplies sales also rising rapidly. It is reported that, according to August 2014 to August 2015 sales of pet supplies website that lists Canadian favorite to buy pet supplies ten cities.

Hugo network from the foreign media reported recently learned, Regina, Saskatoon, Burnaby, Windsor, Kitchener, Richmond, Gatineau, London, Markham and Edmund Dayton is a favorite of the top ten cities to buy pet supplies.

Markham also organized a number of events due to pet and ranked ninth last year.

Last Markham as pets who launched Pet Connect discount cards, in the city more than 70 shops and service centers can exchange, the city will also set up a cat adoption center in the fall.

In addition also revealed several trends in Canada on sales of pet supplies. It is understood that, at home, is a popular pet manicure, nail set to use the most popular dog.

Number of items Canadians buy dogs to cats than more, and is not limited to cats and dogs, rabbits, birds, ferrets and hamsters to buy food, toys and clothing are also many people.

According data show, to purchase up pet toys and snacks cities are Saskatoon, Regina, Windsor and Burnaby.

Pet supply orders upstream in Canton fair

November 6th, 2015

Thermal sleeping mat, beauty needle comb, whereabouts tracker …… these seemingly human daily necessities, are now being used on pets. Because of people's living standards improve, even if China's foreign trade suffered a "winter", the 118th Canton Fair pet supplies industry is still upstream, become the new "gold rush."

According to the 118th session of the Canton Fair Phase II statistics, a total of 107 exhibitors Admission pet supplies exhibition, which, pet cages and toys Qicheng total number of booths booths.

From the 116th Canton Fair Start, pet supplies exhibition began to set up the column, compared with other traditional products, good deal. The staff of the exhibition is an exhibition of 26 companies said that in the context of increasing economic level, people began to seek spiritual solace. Today, many countries have gradually entered the aging society, the elderly and children to accompany the special needs pets, pet who is willing to invest the time and money. Thus, in recent years, the industry has developed rapidly.

Report "World Health Statistics" World Health Organization released in 2015 show that the life expectancy of the world's population than in the past increased, the report said, China's population life expectancy is 75 years, the life expectancy of the US population was 79 years old. Japan is still the oldest countries, life expectancy is 84 years.

"Orders from South America, Southeast Asia, Japan and South Korea and other regions gradually increased, booked early in 2016, compared to a decade ago, today's turnover is growing at five times the speed of development." AFPet Products Factory Export Manager said their company's products are mainly exported to Europe, America, Australia and other markets.